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Organic Vertical Gardening
Tower Garden - For The Whole Family    

Tower Garden® simplifies traditional gardening
using a unique vertical garden system that
makes it easy to grow your own organic fresh
fruits and vegetables at home.

Grow More. Save More.
Grow nutritious fruits and vegetables at home using our unique vertical garden that not only saves you money on produce, but is also eco-friendly. Tower Garden® is a smart investment, compared to both buying produce at the store and growing it traditionally. So you’ll reap additional nutritional benefits as well, for as little as $1.60 per day!

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Healthy Savings

Tower Garden® is designed to last a lifetime, and most people tell us that it easily pays for itself over time. Our vertical garden is not only a better long-term value than store-bought produce, it also can cost less than investing in all the tools and products needed to cultivate a traditional garden at home.

Tower Garden can save you money on healthy food that is better-tasting and highly nutritious.

Tower Garden will easily pay for itself over time. (Most current Tower Garden users tell us in less than 2 years.) That will vary, of course, depending on the length of your growing season, the amount and type of produce you grow, and the cost and quality of store-bought produce in your area.

The Greener Side of Health

Enjoy a healthier diet and a better environment with Tower Garden. Its patented aeroponic growing system recycles 100% of its nutrients and water, and its vertical design reduces the need for space. Plants therefore use less than 10% of both the water and the land that are commonly used in conventional farming.

When you purchase Tower Garden, you will have a full range of customer support to help ensure a successful growing experience, including our Online Resource Center. Contact us for more information about Organic Vertical Gardening.

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